Easter Egg Painter

Easter Egg Painter 1.2

Decorate eggs on your iPhone


  • Easy-to-use paint tool
  • Mix your own colors
  • Save finished eggs on your iPhone


  • No Fill tool
  • Lacks shape tools

Not bad

Painting eggs is a fun Easter tradition – but it can get messy. Easter Egg Painter lets you decorate eggs without getting paint on the furniture!

Designing with Easter Egg Painter is dead easy. You’re given a blank egg when the program loads and you can paint onto it simply by running your finger across the screen to make lines. This control system is surprisingly effective, and the drawing tool is very accurate.

You can change the color of the paint brush by clicking on the palette icon. Easter Egg Painter includes a choice of 10 different colors, or you can mix your own using the red, green, and blue sliders. A preview of the color is displayed in a box underneath this mixer. There’s also a slider for adjusting the size of the paint brush, and an eraser. Unfortunately, drawing tools are a little thin on the ground in Easter Egg Painter. For instance, there’s no Fill tool, so you have to use a large brush size for coloring in. It would’ve also been helpful to have some shape tools.

Once you’ve finished your design, you can click the camera icon in Easter Egg Painter to save the egg to your image gallery. You can then use it as an Easter wallpaper for your iPhone’s home screen.

Kids will love designing in Easter Egg Painter. Adults, used to advanced graphic applications may get a bit frustrated though!

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Easter Egg Painter


Easter Egg Painter 1.2

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